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January 24, 2020

New Smart Condom Can Rate Your Performance

The makers of the world’s very first smart condom, a company called British Condoms have revealed how a new condom helps in assessing the performance of sex, the number of calories burnt during intercourse, and can even detect Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including chlamydia and syphilis.

The new i.Con Smart Condom is a ring-shaped wearable can sit at the base of the penis mimics another favorite sex toy, which is priced at $80.

‘I.Con, the new smart condom can assess performance of sex, number of calories burnt during sex, and can even detect Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).’

Apart from the benefits, the smartphone-connected device has raised concerns about spying a person’s intimate moments.

The i.Con is lightweight and water resistant and can be used in conjunction with a real condom.

It is built in with a nano-chip and Bluetooth capabilities and provides a varied range of statistics that can help improve the sex life of the wearer.

The duration, speed, and girth measurements are also included in the i.Con.

The makers have said that all the information attained will be kept anonymous.

However, they also noted that the users have an option to share their data with friends, or maybe even to the entire world.

The company claims that there are about 90,000 people who have already pre-ordered the product, which is yet to be released.

The i.Con will be released later this year at the cost of £59.99 ($80.99).

Source: Medindia

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