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January 26, 2020

New Technology Achieves 3D Color X-ray on a Human

Gone are the days of black and white as the researchers have found the first-ever 3D color x-rays performed on humans with the help of CERN physics lab and Universities of Otago and Canterbury.

This new device can be a boon to the medical diagnostic field which helps the physicians to give a more accurate diagnosis to their patients. According to the reports, images can be differentiated between the bone, muscle, and cartilage very clearly.

‘Accurate diagnosis is achieved using a newly developed color x-ray called dubbed medipix which gives a high-resolution picture.’

The new device called “dubbed Medipix” is developed based on the old black and white x-ray technology which combines the particle tracking technology developed by CERN. It works like a camera where it detects and counts single sub-atomic particles as and when they collide with pixels when the shutter opens. This device gives you a high-resolution and high-contrast pictures.

This new technology can be a promising future for accurate diagnosis in the field of medical science.

Source: Medindia

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