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Yoga for Stress

Prime Minister Modi to Celebrate International Yoga Day in Uttarakhand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead International Yoga Day celebrations by practicing yoga asanas in Uttarakhand on June 21.

He will start the event from the lawns of Forest Research Institute when a series of yoga-related events will be organized around the world to mark the occasion.

‘Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead fourth International Yoga Day celebrations in Uttarakhand on June 21.’

In a statement, Modi on Wednesday greeted yoga enthusiasts across the world, saying “yoga is not just a set of exercises that keep the body fit. It is a passport to health assurance, a key to fitness and wellness”.
“Nor is yoga only what you practice in the morning. Doing your day-to-day activities with diligence and complete awareness is a form of yoga as well,” he said.

“In a world of excess, yoga promises restraint and balance. In a world suffering from mental stress, yoga promises calm. In a distracted world, yoga helps focus. In a world of fear, yoga promises hope, strength, and courage.”

Earlier, the Prime Minister took to social media to share the intricacies of various yoga asanas and posted pictures of people performing yoga at various locations across the world.

The Prime Minister participated in yoga celebrations at Rajpath in New Delhi in 2015, the Capitol Complex in Chandigarh in 2016, and the Ramabai Ambedkar Sabha Sthal in Lucknow in 2017.

Source: IANS

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